Meeting Pope Francis

Last week, Fr. Michael had a new Stepping Stone moment. During a pilgrimage to Rome, he met and spoke with Pope Francis. Watch to hear first hand how the conversation went.

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1 Response to Meeting Pope Francis

  1. illinipeg says:

    Fr. Michael, the same Holy Spirit that lifted up your arms in joyful praise during charismatic prayer led you to be Jesus’ loving presence to these two individual neighbors in need. You brought to life the spirit of St. Francis–a fitting transition from Rome to Assisi. No doubt your compassion touched them both as deeply as you were touched by this experience. Just as Pope Francis practices what he preaches so are you, not just in Rome but each day in your ministry. May we all recognize and live the call to be a church for the poor…”Francis of Assisi gives us the spirit of peace, the poor man who wanted a poor church”~Pope Francis.

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