The Heart of the Law – Mark 3:1-6

The law is black and white, but life is messy. Fr. Michael reminds us to act with compassion, as Jesus does in Mark 3:1-6. Don’t have time to watch the full homily? Scroll below the first video for a second, 3.5 minute shortened version.

**A clarification from Fr. Michael on this homily: One of our viewers objected that I was inferring that those who disagree with the Pope’s opening the debate for communion for divorced & remarried but not annulled Catholics, are modern day pharisees. I didn’t say that but I can see how that could be implied. My point is that those who strictly interpret the laws of the Church with no regard for the unique pastoral circumstances of a given couple are, in my judgement, acting like pharisees. There’s a distinction here that I failed to make clear and I thank the viewer for pointing this out.

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