Fr. Jim Willig’s 15th Anniversary Memorial Mass – Luke 9:51-62

This week we get a bonus homily from Fr. Michael.

While in Cincinnati for a summer writing sabbatical, Fr. Michael celebrated a Memorial Mass on the 15th Anniversary of Fr. Jim Willig’s birth into eternal life.

In this homily, Fr. Michael remembers his friend, Fr. Jim, and draws parallels between Fr. Jim’s life and the life of St. James the Apostle whose final resting place is the destination when walking the Camino in Spain.

In this Gospel, we see St. James along with his brother St. John (the Sons of Thunder) asking Jesus if they should call down fire from Heaven to consume the Samaritans who refused Jesus passage through their territory. Jesus rebukes them and the party moves on. Just like St. James, Fr. Jim had his own agenda when something unexpected came up. He wasn’t ready for an “early retirement” because of cancer. God’s answer to his prayer (and the prayers of so many others) was not a prolonged Earthly life, but instead a transformation into Sainthood and eternal life.

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1 Response to Fr. Jim Willig’s 15th Anniversary Memorial Mass – Luke 9:51-62

  1. Diane Jadown says:

    Fr. Michael, Your homily truly blessed me as I reflected further on Fr. Jim’s life as I knew him. I attended Mass on this feast of James and John, and recalled Fr. Jim’s funeral which I was so privileged to attend. I use his prayer card daily and ask his intercession for my family and for your ministry. I also tell him that I am looking forward to seeing him in eternity. At my age, it’s drawing closer! Thank you for your beautiful thoughts. How special it is to be there. Blessings to you and may Jesus continue to inspire your writing. Love and Peace, Diane

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