The Outer Journey and The Inner Journey – John 14:23-29

This week’s homily again comes from Fr. Michael’s recent journey to walk the Way of St. James, or the Camino de Santiago. Our lives, like the Camino, are made up of multiple journeys. This week Fr. Michael highlights the importance of the outer journey and the inner journey.

With some humorous examples of pilgrims’ follies along the Camino and more serious examples of real life struggle, Fr. Michael points us to focus on the outer and the inner as we move through this life and aim for the Holy City in the next.

Click the arrow to briefly join in on their journey to the Cathedral of St. James and take away a lesson or two to apply to your own day to day life journey. (And don’t forget the gorgeous scenery as well!)

The Holy City
by J. Michael Sparough, SJ

Lamb of God, shine on us!
Lift us from the sorrows of today
To the possibilities of tomorrow.

Restore our hope for our cities.
The pities of the present can pass.
Bless us with vision for our future.

What is and has been
Is not
What we have to become.

Brighten our minds.
Enlighten our nations.
Shine your graces

Hidden in the faces
Of a people
You call Your own.

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1 Response to The Outer Journey and The Inner Journey – John 14:23-29

  1. Tom Sparough says:

    Great stories of finding our way!

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