The Voice of the One Shepherd – John 10:22-30

Whose voice will you follow today? The voice of the One Shepherd, or the voice of the deceiver?

Fr. Michael reminds us that the language of faith is the language of poetry, not the language of science and reason. Jesus speaks using alliterative language to describe his role and the love that God has for all his sheep.

The audience in the temple didn’t get it. They listened with ears and not hearts. What will you use to discern God’s voice in your life? Will you discern the true voice?

The Voice of the One Shepherd
by J. Michael Sparough, SJ

I hear voices,
Many, many voices,
Outside, inside, my head, my heart,
Static that distracts me from listening.

I know You hear me,
Like a mother recognizes
The sound of her baby’s cry
Amidst a thousand other screams.
Attune my soul to the caress of Your whisper.

I’m tired of wandering,
Searching for some serenity,
Knowing the long loneliness of the lost,
Longing for the eternal life only You can give.

I yearn to learn to discern
The voice of the One Shepherd
From the seductive vice of the great pretender
Whose alluring lies promise much but steal all,
Deceiving me as it leads me from the safety of Your hand.

Shepherd of my soul,
Call me closer, calm my nervous bleating
Let me feel the eternal beating of Your heart,
For I long to belong to You more fully.
Amen! Amen!

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