Choices: Darkness or Light? – John 3:16-21

Last week, we heard the story of Jesus appearing to Peter and some Apostles who were fishing. At the end of the Gospel, Jesus asked Simon Peter three times, “Do you love me?”

This week Fr. Michael suggests another question. Will you choose darkness or light? Will you live by circumstance or choose to acknowledge God’s everlasting love for us, regardless of circumstance?

Do you have that courage, that strength of faith, to say: “Jesus, I trust that you are loving me,” regardless of life’s ups and downs?

“The judgement in question is this: The light came into the world but the people loved darkness rather than light.” —John 3:19
by J. Michael Sparough, SJ

There are too many hiding places in my heart,
closets and twisted corridors,
locked with a skeleton’s key.

There are too many backstair cases,
places I hide in fear,
occasionally bit by a spider
or tripped by a friendly chair.

There is altogether too much of my heart
that is shrouded, shadowed, unknown;
too much of me I’m afraid to see
to shed night’s cowering blanket.

But this is the question,
the judgement I don’t understand:

When the stars are asleep
and the sun has arisen
and that light could illumine my home,

Why bolt my doors
and strangle my curtains
in a panic to tie down the shades?

I protect the secret catch of cobwebs.
I chose a darkened day.

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