Do You Love Me? – John 21:1-19

Can you remember the last Saint you met? Who was that person that you just knew was bound for heaven?

In this week’s Gospel and Homily, Fr. Michael explores St. Peter’s transformation from humiliated denier to rock of the Church. He draws parallels between St. Peter’s life and Fr. Jim Willig’s life and describes the transformation he witnessed in his friend from priest, to Saint in waiting.

Read below this week’s video for the poem Fr. Michael wrote in reflection on this gospel.

Peter, Do You Love Me?
John 21: 1 – 19
Reflection for Sunday, April 10, 2016
by J. Michael Sparough, SJ

I believe that when I pass through the doorway of death
To stand before you in the throne room of your mercy,
You will ask of me only what you have asked of Peter.

But the question now will bear my name:
Do you love me, my beloved?
The deeds of my life will speak on my behalf.

They will whisper in disgrace
Or shout truth to the heavens
In a language that cannot lie.

I will crouch cowering alone in my selfishness
Or stand straightened, bravened by your sheep,
Lambs I have learned to feed and tend in love.

God Who Is Love, teach me to love,
Not a here-today, gone-tomorrow love,
But a love that will last the distance.

Not a gooey, sentimental, wear-it-on-your-heart-sleeve love,
But a love that will lead me to my cross and allow me
To stretch out my arms and there be stripped naked yet unafraid.


Lord, help me to be willing to be led to where I do not want to go,
For unless I follow you I can never truly be your discipled-friend.
Teach me, Jesus, to love – as you love me.

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