Can You Drink This Cup? – Matthew 20:17-28

James, John and their mother walk into a bar with Jesus…

No, it didn’t happen quite like that, but their mom did make quite a request of Jesus. She tried to elevate her sons to Jesus’ level without knowing the true sacrifice it would take.

We are all equal in the eyes of God, but our world conspires to elevate us above the rest:

  • My kids go to a better school.
  • My team is better than yours.
  • I have a better job and nicer things than you.
  • I’m such a better Christian than them, God will surely welcome me first.

But this isn’t the message of Christ at all. Fr. Michael reminds us that to be a true follower of Christ is to be for others as Jesus is for us. To drink from His cup is to lay one’s life down for another without pretense or qualification.

Are you strong enough for this test of faith? Click. Watch. Listen. Pray.

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