How to Calm the Storms – Mark 4:35-41

Sound and Light—two Gospel themes, two homily themes, and two themes for today’s video. Intrigued? Read on.

In the earliest Biblical times there was no Bible to read from. Stories were passed down from generation to generation through a strong oral tradition. Fr. Michael’s homily posts are oral tradition for the digital age; however, for several months additional imagery and movement have given them a more immersive experience.

Today’s homily tells a fully animated visual story along with Fr. Michael’s masterful vocal storytelling. If you don’t usually look at the screen while these homilies play, make an exception today to see and hear God’s message of trust through Fr. Michael’s powerful voice.

Click the arrow below; watch, listen, and trust that God, through his Son Jesus, is always there to guide us through life’s gentle breezes and blowing gales.

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3 Responses to How to Calm the Storms – Mark 4:35-41

  1. Sharie says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this message! Just what I needed today after some challenging medical news this week and still grieving my neice who died from cancer a few months ago. It was a good reminder that through it all my prayer needs to be: “Jesus, I trust in you!”

  2. Tom Lynd says:

    You are doing God ‘s work! 😉

  3. illinipeg says:

    Living “Jesus, I Trust in You” is something I have to recommit to each day, sometimes more often…& more often than not I fall short. I often wonder if it’s that way for others or if walking each day in trust somehow comes easier for some. Thank-you for another inspiring Gospel message. Loving the accompanying imagery that has been added.

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