Name him JESUS – Matthew 15:29-37 by Fr. Michael Sparough, SJ

The compassion Jesus had for all humanity is on display in today’s Gospel passage from St. Matthew. Not only did he heal all those brought to him, but he also ensured a full meal for all those present to witness his miraculous healing powers.

Fr. Michael invites us to sit at Jesus feet this Advent as we prepare for the coming of our Savior, Jesus.

Click the arrow to watch and listen to Fr. Michael’s inspiring message. His homily concludes with a poem whose text is once again posted below.

A Child is Born: Name Him “J.E.S.U.S.”
by J. Michael Sparough, SJ

The rough edges of this gentle story catch and pierce my heart.
Just yesterday I was called to the cave at Bethlehem.
Just yesterday, my daddy died.

I watched this birth, the day he died.
There were angels singing.
I could see him seeing them; he wore no glasses.

I was there. This was granted me.
No one is birthed without a ripping sorrow.
No one is born without bleeding.

A mother screams and writhes
As she pushes her child down the dark canal into light,
Then sighs in relief at the first gasps for breath.

I have heard another gasping,
The rattling in the throat,
The splitting journey of the wheat grain’s fall –

Passing over to become one with the Living Bread,
The One birthed in a feeding trough in the City of Bread
So that we who hunger may live.

This is the season of awe… Today is the day of wonder…
The Word made Flesh! The Flesh made Bread!
But oh, how my own flesh pangs with hunger.

For there is another seed lowered into the earth this night,
Longing to delight in his Redeemer’s sight,
This seed – grown, ground, crushed – hungers for the harvest.

O gentle Jesus, Savior, make of this milling pure wheat,
A meal of thy own choosing. Free a soul from all but your embrace.
Here complete your incarnation: Easter him this Christ-Mass.

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