The Heavenly City – Luke 11:1-4 by Fr. Michael Sparough, SJ

In this short passage from the Gospel of Luke, the disciples implore Jesus to teach them how to pray and Jesus provides the framework for what we know today as “The Lord’s Prayer.”

In his homily, Fr. Michael shares his experience of praying The Lord’s Prayer with 1 million other people gathered together with Pope Francis for Mass in Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love. He reminds us that our call as followers of Christ is to yearn for, and build up, the Heavenly City as one people, one communion of faith.

Click the arrow to hear more from Fr. Michael:

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2 Responses to The Heavenly City – Luke 11:1-4 by Fr. Michael Sparough, SJ

  1. Diane Jadown says:

    I just listened to the Heavenly City message and was brought to tears of joy. I pictured what is to come when Jesus brings all together in the New Jerusalem. All will be peace. Thank you, Fr. Michael, for sharing your experience and photos so beautifully! Diane Jadown

  2. Sharie Bowman says:

    I loved hearing a personal story from someone who was actually in attendance at the gatherings with the Pope in Philadelphia. Father Michael’s description and personal reflections helped me to feel like I was joining in this “City of God” praying the Lord’s Prayer too. It was also important to me that he mentioned the Pope’s encyclical, Laudato Si, encouraging all of us to join the “City of God” by caring for the earth. Such an important issue for all of humanity! Thanks so much for offering these homilies online!

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