Fr. Michael presents “The Examen” – a new CD offered by Heart to Heart


“THE EXAMEN” a new CD offered by Heart to Heart

                         presented by

Fr. Michael Sparough, S.J. and Aaron Nieguist


Cost:  $10.00                                  For volume purchase discount, call Heart to Heart                                        (877) 208-4875    (513) 791-9700

Cd cover: Ignatius Portrait by Holly Schapker

Fr. Michael Sparough with music by Aaron Niequest, from the Willow Creek Community Church in Barrington, IL. have produced a CD called The Examen, It is a guided meditation for reviewing the graces and challenges of our day.  This practice  was considered by St. Ignatius Loyola the most important prayer we could pray each day!

Just click on the arrow to listen to this heartfelt interview with Fr. Michael and Aaron on spiritual development, The Examen, and our relationship with Jesus Christ:

The Daily Examen Steps:

  1. God, I believe at this quest moment I am in Your presence and you are now loving me. Come Holy Spirit.
  2. God, I acknowledge Your love for me in the various gifts for which I am very grateful. Thanks be to God.
  3. God now help me now to review the events of this day in order to recognize You in all parts of my life. Lord, I want to see.
  4. God, please forgive me the times I have fallen short and strengthen my attempts to follow You. Lord have mercy.
  5. God, enlighten me that my future choices praise, reverence, and serve You above else. Show me Your way.
  6. Conclude with an Our Father. 


THE EXAMEN (long version)    

  1. Step One: Invitation to the Holy Spirit
  2. Song: Please Speak
  3. Step Two: Review the Day in Thanksgiving
  4. Song: Thank You
  5. Steps Three & Four: Prayer of Reviewing Our Feelings
  6. Step Five: Turning Toward Tomorrow
  7. Song: Kingdom Come
  8. Benediction


  • Teaching: History of the Examen
  • Teaching: Five Steps of the Examen


  • A Meditation: The Sign of the Cross

THE EXAMEN (short form)

  • A Meditation: An Abbreviated Daily Examen

God Bless You All!

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