“A Holy Year of Mercy (Luke 7: 36-50)” by Fr. Michael Sparough, S.J.

This Sunday is Divine Mercy Sunday, and  this Gospel from Luke describes the time when Simon, the Pharisee, invited Jesus to his home for dinner. When they began to dine, a woman with a bad reputation entered the home and bathed Jesus’ feet with her tears and dried them with her hair. In these gestures, she was showing Jesus great love.

Simon was angry about the presence of the woman, but Jesus corrected Simon saying that he had not shown such love to him.  Jesus then told the woman that her faith had saved her and sent her off with His gift of peace.

In honor of Divine Mercy Sunday, Fr. Michael Sparough reads the homily given by Pope Francis declaring this year as “A Holy Year of Mercy.”

Fr. Michael shares his own personal difficulties of living with a pure and merciful heart. This is the challenge for all of us. Are we judgmental, or do we have a heart like Jesus, filled with mercy?

Just click on the arrow to hear this inspiring homily:

God Bless You All!

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2 Responses to “A Holy Year of Mercy (Luke 7: 36-50)” by Fr. Michael Sparough, S.J.

  1. Inge Soens says:

    Really enjoyed this homily, Fr. Mike, it gives insight to the true meaning of “Mercy and Forgiveness” which sometimes is very difficult to do. Thanks, Inge

  2. Fantastic, heart warming, alive with love, hope, truth and trust in the beauty and compassion that is Christ Himself. I pray all souls with want to burn with the love of Divine Mercy; to empty all their doubts, fears, self reliance, and fill themselves with the realisation that with out this Mercy we will be stagnant, proud and blind to the needs of others. Focusing mainly on our own needs and wants, will only leave us unhappy and empty.On our own we can do nothing, but with Christ all things are possible.

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